Fabrice Dall’Anese

“Fabrice has perfected the art of producing excellence in the most difficult shooting situations. The result is unparalleled in the editorial world: a growing gallery of exclusive portraits – often shot in “emergency” situations of impossible locations and extremely limited time – of a quality that has suprised and impressed even the most demanding Hollywood representatives.”

Luca Dini, Editor-in-Chief, Vanity Fair Italy

On track to becoming a lawyer, Fabrice never thought photography could become his profession. But fate changed when in 2000, his potos of a Cuba trip were shown in a Munich exhibition – and his international career kicked off. Starting his career as an autodidact he is now one of the most renowned celebrity photographers in the world.
Due to many years of work experience, it takes him just a matter of minutes to create very special pictures that whisk both the viewer and the subject away to a parallel world and pique their curiosity. Because when you offer something extra special, instead of being complicated, celebrities will even sit astride a racing bike for a photo, as Vincent Gallo did. And it’s precisely this ‘always being different’ that is the key to his success – as well as his unfinished law studies, of course.

Arqueonautas, Audi, BMW, Chopard, Club Med, Helly Hansen, K1X, Mondadori, Montblanc International, RTL, Sector Sportwatches, Total, ELLE, Glamour, GQ, Premiere, Stern, Vanity Fair, Vogue


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