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Adrian Morris

"Adrian is a pleasure to work with from start to finish, taking a project and running with it, and delivering beautiful images that fit with the photo direction and exceed expectations. His travel style which is rich in color and clean, with unique compositions and capturing intriguing moments is right on point for our style at Hemispheres. I look forward to working with him lots more in the future!"

Jessie Adler - Photo Editor, Hemispheres Magazine ( United Airlines )

Adrian Morris is a self-taught photographer from Australia that is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. He became interested in photography years ago while starting to document his experiences travelling around the world. This has led to a strong passion to develop and explore the way it is possible to portray moments, feelings, stories, people or places through his photographs. He is now a documentary, editorial and travel photographer who works for many international publications and clients. Adrian continues to work in his raw and spontaneous visual style through both his client work and personal projects also.

Selected Clients:

BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure, Pentax, British Airways, Canon, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Huck Magazine, Saveur, Condor, Suitcase Magazine, Boat Magazine

Suitcase Magazine


Suitcase Magazine

British Airways

White Gold

Condor Airlines


The Ghana Coast

Conde Nast Traveler

Wall Street Journal



La Habana

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