TAKE is a creative agency from Berlin. Our passion is to produce innovative and fearless imagery that represents a modern culture and inspires the future.

Our roster of award-winning creators is established in branded content, digital, photography and film. Uniting photography and film, we collaborate with some of the most innovative brands in the industry.

With 10 years of experience producing global advertising campaigns and editorial work, we are dedicated to keeping a balance between contemporary photography, commercial work, and personal art projects.

TAKE CREATIVE PRODUCTION is a full-service production agency taking care of everything from editorial to campaigns, casting to production, beginning to end.

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Simon Reinitzer
Managing Director
T+49 (0)30 296 70 540
M +49 170 90 60 60 2

Mário da Motta-Veiga
Art Director
T +44 754 212 981

Julian Ronnefeldt
Freelance Producer
T +49 176 781 153 32

Tamara Meyer

Freelance Financial Controller
T +49 30 296 705 40
T +49 40 589 188 09